The Art of the Danish Golden Age Exhibited in Moscow

artwork: Constantin Hansen - "Portrait of a Little Girl, Elise Købke, with a Cup in Front of Her", 1850 - Oil on canvas Courtesy of the National Gallery of Denmark.

MOSCOW.- Art of the Danish Golden Age has in recent years been the subject of several major exhibitions abroad. Last year it was the national galleries in England and Scotland that marked the 200th anniversary of the birth of Christen Købke with a retrospective exhibition of the artist’s work mounted in collaboration with the National Gallery of Denmark. Now the Russian public is being given the chance of a more comprehensive introduction to this flourishing period during which Danish art acquired a character of its own. It also saw the development of Danish architecture in the Neoclassical style. Copenhagen, in particular, acquired a new look, with buildings designed by Christian Frederik Hansen and by Michael Gottlieb Bindesbøll.