The Art Museum of the Americas Shows Contemporary Mexican Art

artwork: Damián Siqueiros - "Icaro I. From the series El rapto de la cultura", 2009 - Digital print - 26" x 40” -  Courtesy Art Museum of the Americas, Washington DC, © the artist. On exhibition from July 7th until August 28th.

Washington, DC.- The Art Museum of the Americas is proud to present “Possible Worlds: Mexican Photography and Fiction in Contemporary Art”. “Possible Worlds” exemplifies how photography has grown beyond physical reality into exploring new possibilities of expression that are not perceived in the natural world. These works suggest an infinite number of human-made worlds that could exist in realms of fantasy, utopia, myth and fable. “Possible Worlds” aims to bring the viewer into the imaginations of nine Mexican photographers, whose realities are not limited by what can be physically described or contained in a concrete universe. the artists featured in the exhibition are, Mauricio Alejo, Ricardo Alzati, Katya Brailovsky, Alex Dorfsman, Daniela Edburg, Rubén Gutiérrez, Fernando Montiel, Kenia Nárez and Damián Siqueiros. The exhibition is on view at the museum from July 7th through August 28th.