The Ari Kupsus Gallery Exhibits Works by Nadya Hadun and Yan Yeresko

artwork: Nadya Hadun - "Fragrant Mint", 2011 - Oil on canvas -  80 x 80.5 cm. - Courtesy of the Ari Kupsus Gallery © the artist. On view at the Ari Kupsus Gallery in Budapest from June 2nd through July 1st.

Budapest.- The Ari Kupsus Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of works by Belarusian painters Nadya Hadun and Yan Yeresko from June 2nd and remaining on view until until July 1st. The exceedingly talented couple already graduated from the Fine Arts Academy of Minsk five years ago, but they moved to Budapest after deciding to continue their studies at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts. Through lyrical and thoughtful works, they blend the artistic and cultural traditions of their home country with inspirations of their new home.