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“The Antidote” at Claire Oliver features Works by Seven Artists

Jesse McCloskey - "Artist’s Studio", 2010 - Vinyl paint paper collage mounted on canvas, 24 x 30 inches - Photo; Courtesy: Claire Oliver

NEW YORK, NY.- In the 160 years since French painter Paul
Delaroche proclaimed “from today painting is dead”, many scholars and
critics of art have echoed his sentiments. As each new concept or movement
in the visual arts comes to the fore, judgment is passed on all that came
before it. In Delaroche’ time, the advent of photography changed the
usefulness of painting as documentation, in the 20th century, modernist
painting transitioned paint from a representational two dimensional medium
to art grounded in codes rather than images. In our contemporary culture
of instant access and short attention spans, painting has once again
reinvented itself.