The Antagonist: Sanam Khatibi, Daniel Medina, and Jamie Shovlin exhibit at waterside contemporary


LONDON.- waterside contemporary presents The Antagonist, an exhibition in which the artists, the viewers and the characters trade their places. Using the quotidian, the historical and the fictional, the artists explore situations in which subject and object become synonymous. In painting, the archive, and the readymade, the works reflect on personal loss, political power and the ego. Each of these inquiries introduces ambivalence to the conventional producer – consumer – content relationship. Daniel Medina scrutinises systems which govern both the broad and minute aspects of life – from political borders to individual self-regard. His work dissects maps, plans and images in an unfamiliar way, re-assembling them into systems that require viewers to assume alternative frames of reference and dimensions. In New Order, for instance, the world is re-composed as in a puzzle game, without apparent