The Annual Photomonth in Krakow Showcases Unique Contemporary Photography

artwork: Monika Wiechowska - Landscape #17, 2007 - Image courtesy of the artist.

Krakow, Poland.- This year’s Photomonth Festival in Krakow, which runs from May 13th until June 12th is full of innovation, the peak of which is the presence of guest curators Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin. At their initiative, the festival invited dozens of writers and artists who, playing with identity, have together created biographies of fictitious artists and their works. In response to this somewhat differently structured Main Festival Programme, the accompanying publication has also changed: this year we haven’t put together a traditional catalogue or album which commemorates all the Festival’s exhibitions. Their place has been taken by a separate book which presents the literary side of this year’s Photomonth. It presents the full biographies of the Aliases, written by well-known artists and writers, allowing Festival participants to learn about the stories and personalities of the imaginary artists, and perhaps also enabling them to guess the true creators of the works on display.