The Anatomy of Movement: Harold Edgerton- An Interview with the Curators


MADRID.- A Professor of Electrical Engineering, Harold Edgerton is considered more of a scientist than an artist. Combining the stroboscopic process with the camera’s flash, Edgerton was able to photograph an entire range of movement that could not be perceived by the naked eye. Sérgio Mah and José Gómez Isla are the curators of the exhibition The Anatomy of Movement: Harold Edgerton. spoke with José Gómez Isla to get to know more about the artist and this exhibition, which can be seen at the BBVA / AZCA Exhibition Gallery. In your view, why is Harold Edgerton considered more of a scientist than an artist? Edgerton’s scientific vocation and his training as an electrical engineer were devoted to proposing visual solutions to challenges that other photographers and scientists hadn’t been able to answer. For this reason, aside from working a good part of his life as a researcher and professor in his laboratory a