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The Ambivalence of the Concrete by Gerhard Rühm at MUMOK

VIENNA.- Gerhard Rühm (b. 1930 in Vienna) has throughout his career developed his work in numerous different media, venturing out into many different fields and dimensions. Beginning with music — he was educated to be a pianist — passing through poetry to visual arts and performative works, his oeuvre has grown to encompass an exceptionally broad spectrum. To celebrate the 80th birthday of this multifaceted artist, the MUMOK presents a selection of his works spanning his entire career up to his most recent works. Pieces from the 1950s and the 1960s are shown along side with the Scherenschnitte [paper-cuttings] from the 1980s and the Reizwortzeichnungen [literally: ‘stimulus’ or ‘inflammatory word drawings’] that he has been working on since the beginning of 2010. More than half of the works are from the permanent collection of the MUMOK, which has grown with the purchase of a set of works in 2007