The Amazons: Mysterious Warrior Maidens Explored in New Exhibition


SPEYER.- For the past three centuries, the exploits of the Amazon tribe have become the stuff of legend. These implacable female warriors are supposed to have battled before Troy and laid siege to Athens. To this day, scholars have searched the world for evidence of their true nature. In a unique international historical and cultural exhibition with the title, “The Amazons – Mysterious Warrior Maidens”, the Historical Museum of the Palatinate seeks to cast some light on the Amazons in all their facets from antiquity to the present day. You will see the spectacular graves of armed Scythian women along with sensational finds from the Altai mountains of Siberia. That is where the interment of a young female warrior was discovered under a burial mound – an archaeological sensation. Was this woman of antiquity an Amazon? Never before has anyone seen such a find complex of weapons, jewellery and elaborate horse harness outside