The Alfred Ehrhardt Foundation Shows "Flowers Contemporary Photography"

artwork: Martin Klimas - "Untitled", 2007 - Courtesy the artist and COSAR HMT, Düsseldorf, © Martin Klimas. On view at the Alfred Ehrhardt Foundation, Berlin in FLOWERS - Contemporary Photography" from July 2nd through October 2nd.

Berlin.- The Alfred Ehrhardt Foundation is proud to present “Flowers Contemporary Photography” from July 2nd through October 2nd. Beauty and transience, love and death. Hardly a living thing is used more frequently to symbolize these themes than the flower — even contemporary photographers repeatedly take up this century-old motif. For this reason the Alfred Ehrhardt Foundation is introducing its first exhibition surveying this theme. Presenting the exemplary work of 18 international artists and photographers, this selection brings together a great variety of approaches within contemporary flower photography.