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That Seventies Show: An Exhibition of Works Created from 1970 to 1980 at Forum Gallery

NEW YORK, NY.- Forum Gallery presents That Seventies Show, an exhibition of works created from 1970 to 1980 by a diverse group of creative artists whose energy and impulses are emblematic of the decade. Unlike previous time periods, important art of the 1970s cannot be characterized by a term, or label. Instead, the art on view represents the origins of pluralism and defies the idea of a collective effort or single artistic movement. Figurative drawings by William Beckman; and figurative paintings by Gregory Gillespie, Joseph Hirsch, David Levine, Ben Shahn and Raphael Soyer illustrate this diversity. Although united by their focus on the human figure, each artist takes a different approach and the results are quite different. Both Gillespie, who burst on the scene in the Seventies, and Shahn, who was by then a mature and well-known artist, created fantasies, but Gregory Gillespie had his own, intense surreal style, while