Terry Winters: Cricket Music, Tessellation Figures, & Notebook at Matthew Marks in New York


NEW YORK, NY.- Matthew Marks presents, Terry Winters: Cricket Music, Tessellation Figures, & Notebook, the new exhibition in his gallery at 522 West 22nd Street. The exhibition consists of 11 large-scale vibrantly colored recent paintings. Winters depicts forms inspired by mathematical concepts like tessellations and knot theory, as well as shapes from the natural and scientific worlds in these new canvases. His kaleidoscopic compositions of overlapping grids and patterns create complex pictorial spaces, and his use of transparent pigments allows the viewer to see, as the artist has said, “all the events that went into the making of the painting.” The title Tessellation Figures refers to the process of creating a two-dimensional plane through the repetition of a geometric shape. Notebook, 2003-2011, is on view in the gallery at 502 West 22nd Street for the first time in this country. These striking collages of