Ten-Year Survey of the Work of Betsabeé Romero on View at the Neuberger Museum of Art


PURCHASE, NY.- This spring, the exhibition Betsabeé Romero: Lágrimas Negras/Black Tears, a ten-year survey of the work of internationally-renowned Betsabeé Romero, Mexico’s leading artist, will travel from Mexico to the Neuberger Museum of Art, the only United States venue. Romero is a self-described “mechanic artist,” who draws on Pre-Columbian iconography, colonial imagery, and popular culture to transform automobiles and their components into contemporary works of art. The artist’s refashioned cars, carved tires, painted hoods, and incised mirrors explore the tensions between local traditions and industrialized societies dominated by speed, mass production, and emigration. Betsabeé Romero: Lágrimas Negras/Black Tears will be on view at the Neuberger Museum of Art through August 14, 2011. The exhibition features more