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Ten Contemporary Chinese Photographers Show their Work at Sanatorium

ISTANBUL.- Sanatorium opened “Passing China: Contemporary Chinese Photographers. This exhibition brings together the work of ten emerging and established artists whose work has been displayed worldwide Chen Qiang, Lian Dongya, Li Wei, Liu Bolin, Maleonn, Miao Xiaochun, Pan Yue, Wang Yiquing, Zuoxiao Zuzhou. Using photography, these artists delve into the conflict between China’s past and future and the plight of the individual caught amidst the transition. Since its invention in the early 19th century, photography has changed the face of art and traditional painting. The obsession with realism in painting, replicating the “true” image, whether a portrait, landscape, or still life, became suddenly obsolete; a photograph could capture a scene as it actually was, without the need for a painter’s interference. These ten artists use the assumed “reality” of photography to highlight the commercialis