Temporary Installation of Paul McCarthy’s Work "Henry Moore Bound to Fail" in Vienna


VIENNA.- The American artist Paul McCarthy’s work Henry Moore Bound to Fail presented by KÖR on public space karlsplatz relates to Henry Moore not only formally, but also topographically: it is positioned in a place that guarantees visual contact with the British sculptor’s Hill Arches in front of St. Charles’s Church. Paul McCarthy’s bronze holds a special position within the artist’s oeuvre in terms of design and material. McCarthy quite often develops his motifs over long periods of time; this sculpture’s origin is a miniature figure from 1960/61 which did not explicitly relate to Henry Moore at that time. Only when the artist took up the form again in 2003/2004, he emphasized the similarities to the Englishman’s sculptures and included his name in the title of the work. The smooth surface with its soft appearance and the abstract and yet torso-like form rotating around its own axis actually suggest an appropriation of Henry Moore’s aes