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Tembleque Aqueduct Registered in 3D Images

MEXICO CITY.- Several sections of the Padre Tembleque Aqueduct have been digitalized with laser scanner technology, and the 3D images obtained will be used to integrate a revitalization project of this work of hydraulic engineering, the most important constructed in the Colonial period. The work conducted by specialists of the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) will be used as tool to verify the conservation state of the structure after 450 years. To present the aqueduct built thanks to friar Francisco de Tembleque only provides water to Tecajete and De Arcos haciendas, both located in Zempoala, Hidalgo, but laser scans indicate the historical duct maintains in general terms, a good conservation state. Angel Mora Flores, part of INAH National Coordination for Historical Monuments (CNMH), declared that the idea is to reestablish the water supply to Santa Maria Tecajete, Hidalgo and Otumba, Estado de Mexico.