Tate Offers a Fresh Assessment of the History of Watercolour Painting in Britain


LONDON.- Tate Britain will present a fresh assessment of the history of watercolour painting in Britain from its emergence in the Middle Ages through to the present day. This major exhibition will show around 200 works including pieces by historic artists such as William Blake, Thomas Girtin and JMW Turner, through to modern and contemporary artists including Patrick Heron, Peter Doig and Tracey Emin. Drawing out a grand history which traces the origins of watercolour back to medieval illuminated manuscripts, the exhibition will reassess the commonly held belief that the medium first flourished during a ‘golden age’ of British watercolour, from roughly 1750-1850. It will reveal an older tradition evident in manuscripts, topography and miniatures. It will also challenge the notion that watercolour is singularly British by showing some key watercolours from