Tate Modern will Present the UK Premiere of Keren Cytter’s “History in the Making”


"History in the Making" is the ongoing project developed by Keren Cytter, born in Israel - Photo: © Keren Cytter.

LONDON.- “History in the Making” or the “Secret Diaries of
Linda Schultz” follows protagonists John Webber, a political activist, and Linda
Schultz, a graphic designer, as they awake one morning to discover they have
each been subject to an unexpected and radical sex change. In this new
theatrical work, Keren Cytter playfully chronicles the repercussions on society
and sexual politics that follow, utilising choreography, language, film and
music. Directed and written by Cytter, and choreographed in collaboration with
D.I.E NOW (Dance International Europe Now), a group of actors and artists formed
by Cytter in 2008
, the story unfolds through a series of scenes; banal
everyday gestures are contrasted with highly stylised movements using mimicry
and silhouette, eventually reaching a crescendo of absurd theatricality, when
social revolution occurs.