Tate Modern Installs 10-Tonne Sunflower Seeds Sculpture by Chinese Artist Ai Weiwei


LONDON.- Tate Modern has installed a 10-tonne sculpture by Chinese artist Ai Weiwei, containing approximately eight million individually hand-crafted porcelain sunflower seeds. On loan from the artist, Sunflower Seeds is shown as part of the free displays on Level 3 of the gallery, in which the legacies of and reactions to Surrealism are explored. Ai Weiwei’s Sunflower Seeds is made up of what appear to be millions of seed husks. Although they look realistic, each unique seed has been intricately made from porcelain and painted by hand. The 10 cubic metres of seeds are presented as a sculpture with a conical form, 5 metres in diameter and over 1.5 metres high, which visitors can walk around to view from all sides. This work consists of just under one tenth of the seeds from Ai Weiwei’s commission for The Unilever Series, shown in Tate Modern’s Turbine