Tate Archive Celebrates its 40th Anniversary with Display and Over Forty Pledged Gifts to the Collection


LONDON.- Tate Archive will celebrate its 40th anniversary this week with a fascinating new display, 40 Degrees of Separation, featuring forty items from the Tate Archive Collection, all of them interconnected in sequence. From Kenneth Clark’s notebook when he was making the epic Civilisation for the BBC to Keith Vaughan’s suicide note, and from Jake Chapman’s schoolboy essay on his favourite painters to a loving letter from Constable to his wife, this rich diversity of material reveals undiscovered gems which provide intriguing insights into the workings of British artists and institutions over the last three centuries. Tate Archive has also significantly enriched the Collection in its fortieth year with over forty archives pledged as gifts, thanks to the generosity of artists, individuals and institutions, Highlights of these include: 30,000 photographs taken by Gemma Le