Tate Acquires Important Boris Mikhailov


LONDON.- The Art Fund has contributed £75, 000 towards Boris Mikhailov’s Red series – an important collection of early works… This summer Tate Modern unveils a series of major new photography displays including a significant new body of work by Taryn Simon, iconic works by Diane Arbus and two important early works from Boris Mikhailov including Red 1968 – 1975, which were acquired with the support of the Art Fund. The gallery will devote an entire level to new photography acquisitions, including recent work by Luc Delahaye, Mitch Epstein, Guy Tillim, Akram Zaatari and the two Art Funded works by Boris Mikhailov. A series of works by Diane Arbus (1923–71) also opens. Arbus is acknowledged as one of the great figures of American photography who created remarkable images of contemporary life. Drawn from ARTIST ROOMS, the display includes over 30 works includi