Sweden’s Nationalmuseum acquires Tradgardsinterior by artist Johan Krouthén


STOCKHOLM.- Nationalmuseum has acquired the painting Trädgårdsinteriör från Linköping by Swedish artist Johan Krouthén. The detailed painting depicts army surgeon Ernst Boman and his family and is dated 1887-1888. Nationalmuseum previously only owned one painting by Krouthén, and is thus pleased to be able to add this work from the artist’s best period. Johan Krouthén (1858-1932) was part of the generation of artists that broke through during the 1880s, when a French-oriented realism dominated Swedish painting. However, in contrast to many of his contemporaries, Krouthén never spent any significant time in France in his youth. In the summer of 1883, he accompanied fellow artist Oscar Björck to Skagen and joined the colony of artists working there. In the 1880s, he took part in the opposition movement against the Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts and