Susi Kenna and Allegra LaViola Gallery presents Andrea Mary Marshall: "Toxic Women"


NEW YORK, N.Y.- Susi Kenna and Allegra LaViola Gallery presents the inaugural solo exhibition of Andrea Mary Marshall entitled, Toxic Women. Through a series of provocative self-portraits rendered as paintings, photographs, and film, Marshall examines the intersection of identity, female sexuality, and consumer culture in the context of the “ideal woman.” “A Woman is a beast. She is as lovely as she is repulsive. She is one part demon and one part goddess…one part slave, one part muse…one part child and one part mother…these contradictions are what make a woman so intoxicating.” – Andrea Mary Marshall. Toxic Women is a narrative collection of work that looks at the implications of trying to live up to the cultural figment of the “ideal woman”. Through identity play that borders on performance, Marshall reinvents herself as highly developed characters meticulously crafted through the art of fashion