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Susanne M. Winterling at GAK Gesellschaft fur Aktuelle Kunst in Bremen

Susanne M. Winterling - "Feather Eyes", 2009 - © Susanne M. Winterling - Courtesy of GAK Gesellschaft für Aktuelle Kunst

BREMEN.- Susanne M. Winterling works primarily in
film, collage and photography. The various media of the individual installations
developed for each of the exhibition contexts lead, altogether, to a
Her works produce thereby a system of concrete references,
without resulting in the telling of a distinct story or following any clear
narrative threads. But instead, meaning emerges in a delicate weave of
references; narrative volatilizing and branching out. Literature, music, art,
architecture and in particular film history become artistic materials for
Winterling in just the same ways as everyday objects are staged in her works.
They can be of a porcelain cup from an erstwhile family manufacturer, a bird’s
feather that changes colour in differing light, the delicate flying fiery spikes
of a sparkler or of the historical inscription discovered at an exhibition site.
On exhibition at GAK through 7 February, 2010.