Surface/Tension: New Work by Kitty Kraus, Dan Shaw-Town and Gedi Sibony at Lisson Gallery


LONDON.- Lisson Gallery presents a three-person exhibition of new works by Kitty Kraus, Dan Shaw-Town and Gedi Sibony. The works in the show explore the unifying aesthetic and interest in unconventional materials and sculptural practices shared by these three geographically and methodologically disparate artists. The exhibition, on view from February 15 through March 19, is the first time that these artists have shown work with Lisson Gallery. Kitty Kraus’ installations explore the physical processes that govern how materials behave. Through Kraus’ interventions small-scale objects act in unexpected ways, transforming and expanding to fit their environment. Glass explodes through overheating and dyed black ice melts across the floor as the potential instability of seemingly ordered materials is revealed. Kraus also works extensively with sheet glass, exploring its fragility and often attempts to push the large