Surface Truths: Abstract Painting in the Sixties at the Norton Simon Museum       


PASADENA, CA.- The Norton Simon Museum presents Surface Truths: Abstract Painting in the Sixties, an exhibition of seventeen large-scale paintings created in the 1960s by artists such as Larry Bell, Thomas Downing, Helen Frankenthaler, Takeshi Kawashima, Kenneth Noland and Jack Youngerman. Drawn from the Museum’s holdings, the exhibition presents seminal and seldom-seen work by these artists who blazed an important trail through the contemporary art world. A distinctively American style of painting was created by the Abstract Expressionists who came out of post-War New York. Having distanced themselves from European Modernism, these artists fashioned an art that was loose, gestural and that emanated confidence in the power of personal expression. As Frank Stella acknowledged, “Both Pollock and Hoffman solved the problem for me…they established American painting as a real thing for me. I had confidence in i