Study Reveals that Elite of Yaxchilan Produced Exclusive Handcrafts


MEXICO CITY.- Analyses conducted to objects made out of mollusk shells found at the Little Acropolis of Yaxchilan, in Chiapas, reveal the possibility of specialized handcraft workshops at the interior of Maya palaces. Apparently, members of the elite created the crafts and not members of the lower classes or foreigners as it was the custom. Researchers Adrian Velazquez Castro, Belem Zuñiga Arellano and Norma Valentin Maldonado, from the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) conduct the study of a 76-elements collection of mollusk-shell objects recovered by archaeologist Daniel Juarez at the palace area of Yaxchilan. According to Doctor Adrian Velazquez, who works at Templo Mayor Museum, the aim of the work is to contribute, based on the study of shell material, to help defining activities developed at the