Steven Pearson creates "Amalgamations": Tracings of earlier paintings at Studio H


WASHINGTON, D.C.- We are all subject to a flood of information on a daily, if not hourly, basis via a variety of technological means- emails, text messages, Facebook, Twitter, online newspapers, countless websites, as well as television and radio. With such a wide array of information from so many sources, one is obligated to discern what is true, verifiable, and good; and what is false, speculative, inflammatory, and bad. Steven Pearson is interested in how our ability to receive and assimilate a myriad of information on a constant basis can be reflected in a 2-dimensional format. In his paintings, he employs complex compositions and an autobiographical visual language consisting of codes and symbols. Each painting possesses a layered history- as new statements are juxtaposed next to or on top of earlier ones, the paintings begin to suggest the manner in which we store memories or assimilate and make sense