Steven Holl Architects Presents Su Pietra at the Castle of Acaya in Lecce


LECCE, ITALY.- Steven Holl Architects presents Su Pietra, an exhibition of recent projects in China and Europe, which is being held at the Castle of Acaya in Lecce, Italy. The exhibition illustrates the design process of Steven Holl Architects, from conception to its current form, documenting the collaborative process of model making, drawing, and animation. In the exhibition, Steven Holl
Architects’ recent projects merge with the early-16th-Century Castle of Acaya, with high-definition projections being cast onto the stone walls. It will be presented through January 15, 2011. The Castle of Acaya is located in the Lecce Province, Apulia region of southern Italy. The exhibition focuses on Steven Holl Architects’ recent projects in Europe and China. While the Chinese projects – the Horizontal Skyscraper in Shenzhen, Linked Hybrid in Beijing, and the Nanjing Museum of Art and Architecture – explore the macro