Steppe warriors: Nomadic horsemen of the 7th-14th century from Mongolia on view in Bonn


BONN.- The LVR-LandesMuseum Bonn devoted the admired and feared steppe warriors from Mongolia from 26. January to 29. April 2012 the special exhibition “Steppe warriors. Nomadic horsemen of the 7th till 14th Century from Mongolia”. For the first time it is possible to show unique objects like weapons, equipment and clothing, of the nomadic horsemen. They present a deep insight into the life of the steppe nomads and their cultural world, which has always a big influence on the Central European history. The exhibition shows unusually well-preserved, up to 1,300-year-old objects that have been discovered in recent years in the so-called “rock graves” in western Mongolia. These rock graves have abruptly expanded the knowledge about the steppe nomads. Thanks to the dry and cold climates, ephemeral materials such