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Søren Lose creates a number of new works for the exhibition Relicts at Kunsthallen Brandts

ODENSE.- In no more than a split second a certain kind of scent can take us back to our childhood or remind us of a particular person from the past. Søren Lose occupies such memory lanes. He presents documents, takes photographs of old buildings and reconstructs elements from the past. Søren Lose has created a number of new works for the exhibition Relicts which take their point of departure in key objects from Berlin at the time of the GDR. Lose has, for example, reconstructed parts of a monument to Lenin which was torn down shortly after the collapse of the Berlin Wall. By means of this reconstruction Lose addresses our relationship to the past, and he uses the sculpture to act as the bearer of specific political and cultural ideologies and events. The theme of several works in the exhibition is of present-day interest because Germany is currently marking the 50th anniversary of the construction of the Berlin Wall. Lose’s reconstructions refer to something which no longer