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Splendour and Everyday Life in the Byzantine Empire Hosted at Exhibition in Bonn

A partly aureated pot for curing made of silver dating 12th century forms part of the exhibition 'Byzantium -Splendour and Everyday Life' at Federal Art and Exhibition Hall in Bonn, Germany. Exhibition provides an insight on 1,000 years of Byzantium's history.  EFE/Felix Hyder

Presenting more than 600 magnificent and historically
meaningful exhibits and important artefacts from collections and archaeological
excavations the exhibition shed light on many aspects of the history,
archaeology and art of the Byzantine Empire
. It will offer an overview
of the “Byzantine Millenium” (from the foundation of Constantinople by
Constantine the Great in 324 A.D. to the conquest by the Ottomans in 1453), but
will concentrate above all on the prospering of the Empire from the time of
Justinian I (527–565 A.D.) until the plundering of Constantinople by western
crusaders in 1204. On view 26 February through 13 June,