Speed Art Museum will Bring Caravaggio’s "The Fortune Teller" to the United States this May


LOUISVILLE, KY.- The Speed Art Museum announced today that it will bring Caravaggio’s pivotal work, The Fortune Teller, to the United States this May. The painting rarely travels and this will mark only the second time the work has ever been on view in the U.S. The Fortune Teller is considered one of Caravaggio’s most important early paintings and depicts a Gypsy girl reading the palm of a young man as she surreptitiously slips a gold ring from his finger. The work will be on loan from the Capitoline Museums in Rome, Italy. The Fortune Teller will be the centerpiece of a focus exhibition at the Speed May 18 through June 5 that explores the influence of the Italian master on other artists working in Italy, Flanders, and the Netherlands during the early 17th century. Caravaggio’s emphasis on heightened realism and the sculptural qualities of his figures, often brightly lit against a dark background, are evid