Spectacular Installation by Eva Schlegel Deals with the Theme of Flying and Falling


VIENNA.- A spectacular installation dealing with the theme of flying and falling between success and failure, at the very edge of that which is possible, stands at the center of the exhibition Eva Schlegel. In Between, is open at the MAK Exhibition Hall. This installation represents an attempt to capture visually that which is fleeting, but will nonetheless be in the truest sense palpable and audible, confronting the viewer directly with projected images, image disturbances and wind sounds, and taking up the entire airspace (of the MAK). This personal showing devoted to the multifaceted artist Eva Schlegel, who has attracted much notice in Austria and abroad, brings together new works created specifically for the MAK with a retrospective of earlier works. For quite some time now, Schlegel has been fascinated both by the act of overcoming gravity and by the quality of detachedness as a metaphor for the risk of unsecured falling or