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Spectacular Digital Moving Image Installation for Canary Wharf Underground Station

LONDON.- A large-scale projection of a thirty year long digital artwork with an environmental message will be exhibited at Canary Wharf Underground station for 12 months from the end of March. As a part of a series of new contemporary art projects for the Jubilee line commissioned by Art on the Underground, Irish artist John Gerrard is to present a large-scale installation of Oil Stick Work (Angelo Martinez / Richfield, Kansas) in Canary Wharf Underground station’s iconic ticket hall. Shown on this occasion as a large-scale data projection on a monolithic block wall in the station (15m x 8m), Oil Stick Work (Angelo Martinez / Richfield, Kansas) is a complex digital moving image piece that develops in real time for a thirty-year period. Beginning in 2008 and continuing until 2038, the work presents an immersive landscape constructed from ‘real’ information (digital photographs and topographies of an existing American agricultural landscape) mapped onto meticulously