Sotheby’s London to Sell Newly Discovered Gustav Mahler’s Personal Copy of Third Symphony


LONDON.- On 8th June 2011, as part of its Music, Continental and Russian Books and Manuscripts sale, Sotheby’s London will sell Gustav Mahler’s newly discovered personal copy of the first edition of the Third Symphony. Coming to the market for the first time, the full 1902 score of this seminal work contains the composer’s extensive alterations and performance markings, vividly amended in coloured ink, crayons and pencil. It is estimated at £100,000 – £150,000. Sotheby’s Worldwide Head of Books and Manuscripts Stephen Roe said: “This is a magnificent new source for Mahler’s Third. It is a spectacular and beautiful score revealing the passion of Mahler’s creation and the exuberance of his musical thinking.” The score itself is a very rare edition (by Weinberger of Vienna), published shortly after