Sotheby’s London to host exhibition of Fine Archaic Chinese Bronzes from Compton Verney


LONDON.- Sotheby’s London announces that it will host “Fine Chinese Archaic Bronzes from Compton Verney”. The Exhibition will feature rare works from one of the most important private museum collections of Chinese archaic bronzes in the U.K and will take place at Sotheby’s London 34-35 New Bond Street from November 6th-9th 2011 during London Asian Art Week. Meticulously curated, it features 12 remarkable archaic bronzes dating from the Shang (1600-1100 BC) to the Zhou (1100-256 BC) dynasties, a period of over 1,000 years and will offer visitors to London the opportunity to view a selection of treasures from this prestigious private museum. Stephen Loakes, Senior Specialist of Sotheby’s London Department of Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art said: “Sotheby’s is honoured to stage this important exhibition of treasures from Compton Verney, whose collection of ancient Chinese bronzes is i