Sotheby’s Auction Features Important Example of Miquel Barceló’s Bullfighting Paintings


LONDON.- The Post-War and Contemporary Art Evening Auction taking place on 28th June 2011, will feature an exceptional range of works dating from the early Post-War period to the present day. Swirling with a dizzying, centrifugal energy across its expansive surface and beholden of the thick sculpted painterly surface which creates it, Faena de muleta is by far the largest and most important example of Miquel Barceló’s most celebrated series of bullfighting paintings ever to come to auction. Accentuating the heart of the sandy arena is the sanguine red of the matador’s unfurled muleta or cape as he prepares to enter the final stages of his act and kill the bull. The beast is poised to charge, whipped up into a passion by the torero’s provocative footwork, the flourishes of his cape, and the all-encompassing feverish crowd that spins around it. Barceló leaves the conclusion suspended, an equivocating and gory intrigue cast into the minds of his enraptured viewers. This heightened