Solo Show by Dutch Artist Gabriel Lester at Galerie Fons Welters in Amsterdam


AMSTERDAM.- Galerie Fons Welters presents It is no great wonder if in the long process of time, while fortune takes her course hither and thither, numerous coincidences should spontaneously occur, a solo show by Dutch artist Gabriel Lester. In dialogue with curator Krist Gruijthuijsen, Gabriel Lester has conceived an exhibition that responds to his earlier investigations of the notion of “fortune” and “luck,” one of the dominant themes in his work over the past two years. This fascination is part of Lester’s ongoing exploration of the mechanisms of illusion and the sleight of hand that cause us to suspend our disbelief. The dictionary explicitly defines “fortune” as a form of chance or luck, an external, arbitrary force affecting human affairs, and, at the same time, as a large stock of wealth. Goddess Fortuna, the personification of luck (both good and bad) in Greco-Roman mythology, represents the unpredictability of human