Solo Quintet (1897-1979): A New Exhibition by Tim Lee at Lisson Gallery


LONDON.- Lisson Gallery presents Solo Quintet (1897-1979), a new exhibition by Tim Lee. Working with photography, video, text and sculpture, Lee continues to explore his interest in reconstructing and re-imagining seminal moments in art history and popular culture. Often treading the line of the absurd, Lee frequently uses humour as a vehicle to decode specific moments in the lives of various individuals. Drawn from disparate fields, these key figures include Glenn Gould, Buster Keaton, Merce Cunningham, Stanley Kubrick and Neil Young. In the works on show Lee suggestively inserts himself into key moments in the history of his subjects’ lives. Using a combination of formal strategies, that include cutting, multiplication, splitting and framing, Lee unpicks our knowledge of these individuals, prompting us to consider how the public persona for each is constructed. In doing so he also proposes a relationship between the