Solo Exhibition of Korean Artist Noh, Sang-Kyoon at Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery


NEW YORK, NY.- Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery presents Conjuring Constellations, a solo exhibition of Korean artist Noh, Sang-Kyoon. Noh, Sang-Kyoon chooses to follow his personal mythos as a source and driver for his creative process. Covered in thousands of sequins that he threads together by hand, the early sculptures and canvases of Noh, Sang-Kyoon trace their origins to both the ordinary and the spiritual-from the memory of his mother’s spangled bag and the costumes of singers on television, to a near-death childhood experience, when he nearly drowned. He realized then that he “could die in vain, as nobody, as nothing, with no purpose, as if a fish without scales that is doomed to perish.” He later translated these memories into a series of early work where sequins created the shining appearance of life-saving fish scales. In his past work, the Buddha series entitled “For the Worshippers”, Noh, Sang-Kyoon elevates everyda