SOLAR To Host New Works by Darlene Charneco

artwork: Darlene Charneco - "Deep Sea Memory", 2011 - Mixed media, nails and resin on panel - 24" diameter Courtesy SOLAR, East Hampton, NY. -  On view in "Islands of Memory" from August 27th until October 24th.

East Hampton, NY.- SOLAR is very pleased to announce the upcoming exhibition “Islands of Memory”, featuring new works by Darlene Charneco. This is the artist’s first solo show at SOLAR and is an opportunity to view her most current series of signature resin, nails, and mixed media panels that draw on a number of sources, including network theory, geographic information systems, video games, virtual worlds, childhood toys, and educational tools.  Islands of Memory is a continuation of the artist’s explorations into how we think, learn and remember. Islands draws on a literal understanding of Charneco’s background and identity:  Puerto Rico and Long Island as the locations, homes, and homelands that conform and shape her being.  Metaphorically, as is explicit in the title, the term relates to memory, expressed in the artwork as forms.  She states, “… I feel a draw to extrude the spaces and at times have them be free sculpture.  These clusters are like thought-forms…a chunking of concepts that I am trying to hold, mix, marry, communicate with, make tangible”. “Islands of Memory” will be on view at the gallery from August 27th through October 24th.