Slinguff Gallery Shows Michael C. Hsiung’s Fantastical Drawings

artwork: Michael C. Hsiung - "Siamese Twins", 2011 - Ink on paper. Courtesy of Slinguff Gallery, © the artist. On view in ""Michael Hsiung: On Human Failure" at the Slinguff Gallery from June 4th.

Philadelphia, PA.- The Slinguff Gallery in Philadelphia is pleased to present “Michael Hsiung: On Human Failure” from June 4th. Hairy drunken Siamese twins, mystical beasts and mustaches … they’re all present in the very creative work of Michael C. Hsiung. Of Chinese-American descent, Michael is known for his black-and-white ink drawings depicting oddly realistic tales from a time long past. His art features imaginary characters and fantastical creatures; protagonists include mermen in precarious and questionable situations, Victorian athletes and fancy men with dead prey, or imaginary and real animals struggling with their environment. “Human Failure” is Michael’s first solo show.