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Skate’s LLC Introduces Three New Art Collector Resources

Nicolai Abildgaard was the teacher of Bertel Thorvaldsen, and Caspar Friedrich. and was considered the father of Danish painting.

NEW YORK, NY.- Skate’s LLC, the world’s leading

art investment research firm, has introduced three new resources to
assist art
market collectors in improving the economics and reducing the risks of
their art
trades. These new tools—Skate’s Artwork Background Report, Art Asset
Service and the Platinum premium membership — further establish Skate’s
role as
a full-service provider of independent art market data and research for
Art Asset Pricing Reports are tailored for
developing private museum plans, considering art loans, reviewing the
of art ownership costs, preparing wills or appraising inheritances. They
are an
unbiased, efficient and private resource unmatched by any other firm.