Simryn Gill: Gathering Opens at Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane


BRISBANE.- A solo exhibition of key works from the past five years by leading Sydney-based Malaysian artist Simryn Gill opened at Brisbane’s Gallery of Modern Art until October 17. Queensland Art Gallery Director Tony Ellwood said ‘Simryn Gill: Gathering’ included major works created since 2005, as well as photographs, collections, books and jewellery made from paper and found objects. ‘We are thrilled that Queensland audiences will have an opportunity to engage with Gill’s multi-disciplinary practice that questions ideas about place and history, and intersects richly with personal and collective experience,’ Mr Ellwood said. ‘The exhibition highlights Gill’s pursuit of meaning through materials and art-making processes. It also focuses on her ongoing interest in collecting, reading, archiving, arranging, casting and photography. ‘Throwback 2007, is a sculptural work created from