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Silkeborg Museum of Art: In the Process of Being Transformed and Revitalized

SILKEBORG.- After devoting the winter to reinventing itself, Silkeborg Museum of Art will open its doors on March 4, 2010 to a set of refurbished galleries and spaces that offer both a broader and a more multi-layered presentation and interpretation of the Jorn collection. In addition to, among other features, an introduction space that will acquaint the visitor with Jorn’s universe, the new interior fit-out will incorporate the CoBrA Forum space, a facility providing opportunities for a deeper engagement with the museum’s extensive holdings of materials about and by Asger Jorn. The museum will therefore be closed for three months from December 1, 2009. On reopening in the spring, Silkeborg Museum of Art will be equipped to appeal to a broader public while at the same time making opportunities for a deeper engagement with Jorn’s oeuvre and Jorn scholarship available to all. In future, visitors to t