Shh! – Bianca Maria Barmen Exhibits at Kunsthallen Brandts


ODENSE, DENMARK.- Bianca Maria Barmen is showing a major solo exhibition at Kunsthallen Brandts. The Swedish artist has a personal and philosophical approach to sculpture that is all her own—it is as if she creates haiku poems in plaster of Paris. Contemporary sculpture today is multi-faceted: there is no limit to the range of sculptural materials being used. Sculpture has long since descended from its base and crept out into the room, while at the same time becoming conceptually tied to its material. Some visual artists also choose to work in sculptural materials previously considered traditional: plaster, bronze and marble. Bianca Maria Barmen’s primarily white world is inhabited by animals that may have human qualities and by people with heads emerging from or sinking into strange, organic substances or architectonic tableaux. In and around Bianca Maria Barmen’s works a hypnotic sense of silence or loneliness reigns. Ro