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Seven New Oil Paintings by Malcolm Morley at Xavier Hufkens

Malcolm Morley - 'Aero-naughty-cal Maneuver', 2009 - Oil on linen, 115.6 x 147.3 cm (45 1/2 x 58 in). Photo: Courtesy Xavier Hufkens.

BRUSSELS.- Xavier Hufkens presents a new
exhibition of Malcolm Morley. It comprises seven new oil paintings made
by the
artist in 2008 and 2009. On view in these paintings are Morley’s
subjects, ships and old airplanes. The artist bases his work on models
and found
or remembered images that he paints to dramatic effect in unnatural
His objective is to achieve a rhythm, abstraction, the

expressive power of the canvases or to be more precise, the way in which
transfers his keenly observed images to the canvas via the act of
painting. Upon
close inspection, each square centimetre of Morley’s paintings is
nothing less
than a small masterwork. Through a combination of sensuousness and
intellect the
artist develops a metalanguage, as it were, of painting. On view
10 April.