Selections from Josef Alber’s Formulation: Articulation, 1972 on View at the Snite Museum


NOTRE DAME, IN.- Josef Albers was a painter, printmaker, sculptor, poet, teacher, and theoretician of art. His work at the Bauhaus and later at Black Mountain College and Yale University was influential in both the Color Field and Op Art movements. Formulation : Articulation, 1972 was published by Harry N. Abrams and Ives and Sillman, four years before Albers’s death in 1976. Albers worked over a period of two years to create the one hundred and twenty-seven serigraphs or screened prints organized into two portfolios. Each portfolio contains thirty-three folders on which one, two or four serigraphs are printed. The twenty-six works selected for this exhibition are from the two-volume print suite, Formulation : Articulation, 1972 generously given to the Snite Museum by Jane and Jim Griffin ’45. The images represent a more-than-four-decades gathering of the Albers investigation into color, perception and abstr