Selection of Original Prints from the Archive of Karl Blossfeldt at Foam


Photograph Inspired by Karl Blossfeldt - Blossfeldt employed photography to study so-called primal forms from nature.

AMSTERDAM.- Foam_Fotografiemuseum
Amsterdam presents a selection of original prints
from the archive of Karl Blossfeldt. Blossfeldt (b. Germany, 1865) was
self-taught and had kept up a keen interest in nature since boyhood. As a

sculptor and modeller at an art foundry, he drew inspiration from
flowers and
plants for decorative motifs. In the 1890s his career took a new
direction when
he joined a study project in Italy led by Moritz Meurer. It was then
Blossfeldt began to systematically collect and photograph plants.  On
exhibition at Foam unti 22